Quit Smoking Genie

Unleash Your Quit Smoking Genie And Live A Healthy Life!

Now you can unleash 'Nicoquitter' your ‘Quit Smoking Genie’ and create the healthy person of your dreams with this amazing new app!


Quit Smoking Genie is one of a series of Unleashme apps that are unique in being the first to use the power of your own-recorded affirmations over a Bi-Lateral meditative backing track. 

This allows you to easily visualize your dreams and desires without having to self-talk at the same time!


By listening to your ‘own voice’, your inner Genie will respond accordingly making this one of the most powerful Apps available!


Also included is a frequency track called ‘DNA Repair’ that will help repair the damage caused by smoking!

Other features are:

Mind preparation affirmations


Program affirmations


Write your script page

Ability to listen to 'motivational tracks' while exercising